Racing Your Horse

Racing Your Horse

A trainer is instrumental in guiding you in the purchase of your horse and ensuring that it reaches its fullest potential.

All trainers based in Singapore are licensed by the MRA. They have been carefully selected by the Club based on their proven track records. A trainer should be able to advise you on getting a quality horse, the current condition of our horse and the likelihood of its performances in a race.

The Club strongly encourages all horse owners to consider some form of agreement with his/her selected trainer. The purpose is to safeguard the interest of both parties should there be any differences (or disputes).

The list of trainers and their performances can be found in the Trainer’s Directory.

Trainer's Directory


Horses must first be entered in order to run in a race. Trainers will submit entries before the closing time according to race conditions for each race meeting.


Trainers are required to declare their horses to run with details of riders and horse gears at the prescribed time for each race meeting. Once a horse has been declared, it cannot be withdrawn unless with approval of stipendiary stewards or on veterinary grounds.

Closing Time

Entries and Declaration closing times are normally as follows.

Meeting Entries Closing Time Declaration Closing Time
Friday Same week Monday, 10.30am Same week Wednesday, 8.30am
Sunday Same week Monday, 10.30am Same week Wednesday, 8.45am
Tuesday Previous week Tuesday, 10.30am Previous week Thursday, 8.30am

Feature Races

Meeting Date Feature Race Distance Prize Money (SGD) Note

Prize Money for Feature Races

Currently, funding for the RDF is generated from a deduction of 0.5% of prizemoney for all races shown below

Placing Owner Trainer Jockey RDF Total Syce Commission*
1st 48.25% 6.25% 5.00% - 59.50% $500.00
2nd 17.00% 2.25% 2.00% - 21.25% $140.00
3rd 8.50% 1.25% 1.00% - 10.75% $90.00
4th 4.00% 0.50% 0.50% - 5.00% $55.00
5th 2.00% - - - 2.00%
6th 1.00% - - - 1.00%
- - - - 0.50% 0.50%
Total 80.75% 10.25% 8.50% 0.50% 100.00%
Note: 10% is deducted upfront from Prize Money for Reward Incentive Scheme
* In accordance to MRA Regulation 35


Effective 1st September 2023, no further deductions will be made from prizemoney towards the RDF, the full prizemoney for each race will be distributed to owners, trainers and jockeys in the following proportions

Placing Owner Trainer Jockey RDF Total Syce Commission*
1st 48.49% 6.28% 5.03% - 59.80% $500.00
2nd 17.08% 2.26% 2.01% - 21.35% $140.00
3rd 8.54% 1.26% 1.01% - 10.81% $90.00
4th 4.02% 0.50% 0.50% - 5.02% $55.00
5th 2.01% - - - 2.01%
6th 1.01% - - - 1.01%
- - - - 0.00% 0.00%
Total 81.15% 10.30% 8.55% 0.00% 100.00%
Note: 10% is deducted upfront from Prize Money for Reward Incentive Scheme
* In accordance to MRA Regulation 35

Training Fees

A Singapore-based trainer would charge a monthly basic training fee per horse. There will be an additional charge for veterinary fees, farrier fees and other incidentals which the trainer may feel are necessary. All these charges are billed at cost.
Please contact the trainer of your choice for details of monthly training fees.

Revised REWARD Incentive Scheme

The Singapore Turf Club (the “Club”) will be revising the REWARD Incentive Scheme and these changes will take effect from 1 April 2023.

Through the REWARD Incentive Scheme, the Club provides a performance-based incentive to the owner, trainer and syce of a Singapore-based horse based on the results of a horse in a race. The Club provides the incentive in the form of a "credit rebate" in the amount charged by the Club to trainers

Under the revised REWARD Incentive Scheme, the “credit rebate” amount provided to the Owner will be set-off against the Trainer’s monthly bill issued by the Club to the Trainer. Trainers will work with Owners to ensure that the rebate is passed on to the Owner in the Trainer’s monthly bill to the Owner. This scheme is to help lower the cost of maintaining horses in Singapore.

The qualifying criteria for horses under the REWARD incentive scheme is as follows:

Qualifying Criteria Credit Rebate
Reward Incentive (Owner) 2nd to 8th Placing $800
Reward Incentive (Trainer) 2nd to 8th Placing $250
Reward Incentive (Syce) 2nd to 8th Placing $50


With effect from 1 August 2023, the Singapore Turf Club will revise its REWARD Incentive Scheme as follows:

Qualifying Criteria Credit Rebate
Reward Incentive (Owner) 2nd to 10th Placing $800
Reward Incentive (Trainer) 2nd to 10th Placing $500
Reward Incentive (Syce) 2nd to 10th Placing $100


Raceday Hospitality

Raceday Hospitality

Owners' Lounge

Enjoy racing in the comfort of the Owners' Lounge which is equipped with a full-service bar, restaurant, self-betting kiosk, betting counters and a personal television screen at selected tables giving patrons a close up view of the races. The lounge is also wi-fi enabled.

Click here for Panoramic Interior Preview

Reservation Procedures

Owners who wish to reserve a table at the owners’ lounge can contact Customer Care Department at 6879 1398/1307 or via email no later than 1 pm on a Friday for Friday night meeting and 10am on a Sunday/Public Holiday for Sunday/Public Holiday afternoon meeting.

Reservation can also be made via Online Guest Entry Form here.

Please provide guests' name and identification or passport number when making reservation and to indicate clearly if guest list is meant for a single particular meeting or for all meetings scheduled for the month.

Regular tables for owners will be released for use if not occupied by race 2 and permanently if the attendance is poor.

Guest Entry Registration

Owners wishing to sign in guests for a raceday are requested to kindly complete the registration online via the link below. Please indicate the race meeting date(s) that your guests will be attending. Should you wish to sign them in for a month, please ensure that this is clearly indicated on the form.

Guest Entry Registration

Dress code

All guests must adhere strictly to the required dress code for the entire duration of the raceday. We seek your kind understanding as the Club will be enforcing the dress code requirement.

Betting Hall, Winning Square, Winning Point, Winning Loft Casual^
Lounge, Private Room Smart Casual*

*Smart Casual

Men: Polo shirts, tailored jeans are allowed.

Ladies: Appropriate equivalent Skorts, Tattered jeans, shorts, bermudas, t-shirts (without collars and/or sleeves), slippers and sandals are NOT allowed.

^Casual: Shorts and singlets are not allowed


Owner of Singapore Based Horses

Free parking

Owners of Singapore Based Horses who live in Malaysia

Update autopass card with the Department to allow free parking and access to Carpark B.

Owners driving a rental car

Contact the Customer Care Department 1 day prior to arrival to arrange access to the parking area.

General Points to Note

No person under the age of 18 will be admitted into Singapore Turf Club premise.

Dress code guideline is strictly enforces within the Singapore Turf Club premise.

The use of mobile phones is allowed at the Singapore Racecourse and the Club’s betting centres during race meetings, except for controlled areas.

Controlled areas includes but not limited to the following areas Stables Area, Trainer Shed, Canteen, Pre-race Holding Area, Parade Ring, Tunnel and Galleries, Horsewalk, Prize Presentation Area, Racing Track,
Weighing Room, Jockeys’ Changing Room, Equine Hospital and STC Laboratory.

For the consideration of all guests, mobile phones must be switched to silent or vibration mode.

Owners with Singapore based horses can register up to 2 vehicles for parking at Carpark B, but only one complimentary parking will be given to each Singapore based owner.

Please contact Horse Ownership team for changes in vehicle details.

Our staff aims to provide a memorable racing experience for our horse owners. Care and understanding work both ways. Please do not verbally or physically abuse our staff.

Wishing you all happy racing

As always, we welcome your feedback on any issues relevant to your racing experience. Please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to assist wherever possible.

Customer Care Department
Address: Singapore Turf Club 1 Turf Club Avenue Singapore Racecourse Singapore 738078
Office: (65) 6879 1398 or (65) 6879 1307

Drop us a message

Purchasing A Horse

Purchasing A Horse


Purchasing a horse is one of the most important steps in becoming a successful owner. To do it alone without experience is not advisable. For those with experience, buying a horse could easily be the most exciting aspect of ownership as you try to pick a champion from thousands of horses available to you. Otherwise, engage a locally based trainer or a bloodstock agent to select a horse that suits your needs and budget.

International sales companies

Country Name URL Contact
Australia Inglis
+61 412 644 452
Magic Millions
Ireland Irish Thoroughbred Marketing
+353 (0)45 886600
Japan JBBA
+81 35473-7091
New Zealand New Zealand Bloodstock
+65 9270-2368
South Africa Cape Thoroughbred Sales
+27 21 700 1600
Bloodstock South Africa
+27 82 552 6524
UK Tattersalls
+44 (0)1638 665931
Great British Racing International
+44 (0) 207 152 0103


You may wish to call on the services of a veterinarian to inspect a yearling, weanling or racehorse you are considering buying. A consultation fee will be charged for which fee, the vet will look over your prospective purchase for conformation, faults and external injuries as well as inspecting its movement whilst walking.

More on veterinarians

Import of Horses into Singapore and Export

Import Procedures

Singapore Turf Club is appointed by Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to manage the only equine quarantine facility in Singapore for the importation of horses.

Newly imported horses undergo a minimum of 14 days quarantine where they will be tested, vaccinated and monitored to be clinically free of diseases before being released.

Veterinary conditions for imports of horses: conditions to be filled in

    *Note that horses from South Africa are not allowed import into Singapore.

    More information for import procedures of horses

    Export Procedures

    Singapore Turf Club has well appointed facilities to prepare horses for exports in accordance to the protocol of various importing countries.

    Connections of visiting horses should refer to the shippers for details on compulsory government requirements (certifications, vaccinations, blood testing, veterinary examinations, etc.) and for requirements for return to their home countries.

    Medication and Prohibited Substances

    The Malayan Racing Association Rules of Racing and Regulations require horses to be free of prohibited substances.

    Owner’s Event

    Owner’s Event

    Upcoming Events

    Past Events

    Horse Owners’ Privileges

    Horse Owners' Privileges


    • Unlimited access to Singapore Racecourse
    • Unlimited access to off-course betting centres
    • Parking at Singapore Racecourse
    • Official programme guide for Singapore meetings
    • Festive Gifts
    • Reciprocal benefits with overseas racing clubs
    • Complimentary 1 day use of corporate box with a bottle of champagne during birthday month

    Winning Owner

    • Customised Red Wine for Group Races
    • Champagne popping after the race
    • DVD of the race
    • One gift per horse for the winning owner(s)


    • Reservation of tables at Trophy Lounge
    • Up to ten complimentary guests and up to ten paid guests per raceday to Trophy Lounge
    • Complimentary starting gate tour and stable tour
    • Invitation to events organised by the Singapore Turf Club
    • Free coffee and tea at the Trophy Lounge for Singapore Day Meetings (Weekends and PH)
    • 1 table of 10 at Club Guests’ area for winners of feature races


    • REWARDS Incentive Scheme

    More info

    Becoming a Horse Owner

    Becoming a Horse Owner

    The Malayan Racing Association (MRA) is the regulatory authority for horse racing in both Singapore and Malaysia. All horse owners must be registered with MRA in order to race their horses in Singapore Turf Club.

    Registration Criteria
    • Must be above 21 years age
    • Good financial standing and not bankrupt
    • No criminal record which is considered by MRA to be relevant to his status at time of application
    • Must not be disqualified by any turf club at time of application
    • S$456 annual fee
    Required Documents
    • Completed application form for registration as owner
    • 1 Passport photo
    • Photocopy of identity card
      (Singaporean/ Permanent Resident/ Malaysian)
    • Photocopy of passport (Foreigner)


    Sole Ownership

    As a sole owner of a horse, you will receive all the winnings your horse earns in races (after deduction of trainer's and jockey's commissions) and be responsible for all costs of the horse's upkeep and training.


    Owners can alternatively register to form partnerships made up of 2 to 10 partners in any single partnership. All prize money earned (after deduction of trainer's and jockey's commissions) will be paid to the manager who will then be responsible for paying the partners in the stable. Partners will need to nominate a Manager to represent the partnership. The Manager will be responsible for managing the affairs of the partnership.

    Easy Identification

    One of the many joys of a horse owner is to proudly see his or her own racing colours being carried on the track! The colours are worn as the jockeys' silks and caps for easy identification during a race. You need to register at least one set of racing colours to represent you or your partnership. As you may have more than one horse in a race, you can register more than one set of racing colours. Your racing colours are unique and cannot be used by any other person.

    All registrations are done through the Malayan Racing Association (MRA)

    Design my own

    Administrating Your Horse

    Administrating Your Horse

    *Last Updated on 01/11/2018

    1 Registration of Owner Membership (From 1 January to 31 December) 456.00 1,140.00
    2 Registration of Owner Membership (From 1 July to 31 December) 240.00 600.00
    3 Renewal of Owner Membership 456.00 1,140.00
    4 Registration of Horse 40.00 100.00
    5 Registration of Assumed Name 40.00 100.00
    6 Change of Constitution of Assumed Name 40.00 100.00
    7 Change of Name of Horse 800.00 2,000.00
    8 Change of Name of Horse due to Change of Ownership (Under Rule 74(3)) 400.00 1,000.00
    9 Change of Assumed Name 40.00 100.00
    10 Registration / Renewal of Racing Colours 40.00 100.00
    11 Sale of Horse (Transfer) 80.00 200.00
    12 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Stable Supervisor / Stable Manager 40.00 100.00
    13 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Syce 10.00 25.00
    14 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Track Rider 10.00 25.00
    15 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Senior Track Rider 20.00 50.00
    16 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Farrier 10.00 25.00
    17 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Stable Clerk 10.00 25.00
    18 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Valet 10.00 25.00
    19 Application for Licence (Syce, Senior Track Rider, Track Rider, Farrier, Stable Clerk, Valet) 50.00 125.00
    20 Application for Licence (Stable Supervisor) 250.00 625.00
    21 Application for Licence (Stable Manager) 500.00 1,250.00
    22 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Trainer 160.00 400.00
    23 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Assistant Trainer 80.00 200.00
    24 Application for Licence (Professional Trainer and Assistant Trainer) 800.00 2,000.00
    25 Application for Licence of Equine Dentist 500.00 1250.00
    26 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Equine Dentist 40.00 100.00
    27 Application for Licence of Equine Massage Therapist 500.00 1250.00
    28 Registration / Renewal of Licence of Equine Massage Therapist 40.00 100.00
    29 Registration / Renewal of Spelling Station 100.00 250.00
    30 Registration / Renewal of Horse Float 100.00 250.00
    31 Lodgement of Appeal to Racing Stewards (Under Rule 9(4)(a)) 1,000.00 2,500.00
    32 Lodgement of Appeal to MRA Committee (Under Rule 9(4)(a)) 4,000.00 10,000.00
    33 Lodgement of Appeal to Appeal Panel (Under Rule 9(4)(b)) 2,000.00 5,000.00
    34 Retrieval of Racing Information for the past 1 year to current 300.00 750.00
    35 Retrieval of Racing Information for the past 5 years to current 500.00 1,250.00
    36 Retrieval of Racing Information for above 5 years (maximum up to past 10 years) 1,000.00 2,500.00