Racing Your Horse

A trainer is instrumental in guiding you in the purchase of your horse and ensuring that it reaches its fullest potential.

All trainers based in Singapore are licensed by the MRA. They have been carefully selected by the Club based on their proven track records. A trainer should be able to advise you on getting a quality horse, the current condition of our horse and the likelihood of its performances in a race.

The Club strongly encourages all horse owners to consider some form of agreement with his/her selected trainer. The purpose is to safeguard the interest of both parties should there be any differences (or disputes).

The list of trainers and their performances can be found in the Trainer’s Directory.

Trainer's Directory


Horses must first be entered in order to run in a race. Trainers will submit entries before the closing time according to race conditions for each race meeting.


Trainers are required to declare their horses to run with details of riders and horse gears at the prescribed time for each race meeting. Once a horse has been declared, it cannot be withdrawn unless with approval of stipendiary stewards or on veterinary grounds.

Closing Time

Entries and Declaration closing times are normally as follows.

Meeting Entries Closing Time Declaration Closing Time
Friday Same week Monday, 10.30am Same week Wednesday, 8.30am
Sunday Same week Monday, 10.30am Same week Wednesday, 8.45am
Tuesday Previous week Tuesday, 10.30am Previous week Thursday, 8.30am

Feature Races

Meeting Date Feature Race Distance Prize Money (SGD) Note

Prize Money for Feature Races

Placing Owner Trainer Jockey RDF Total Syce Commission*
Note: 10% is deducted upfront from Prize Money for Reward Incentive Scheme
* In accordance to MRA Regulation 35

Bonuses for Feature Races

Races Winner of 2 legs receives Winner of 3 legs receives
Singapore Three Year Old Challenge (JBBA Singapore Three-Year-Old Sprint, Singapore Three-Year-Old Classic, Singapore Guineas) $50,000 $150,000
Singapore Four Year Old Challenge (Silver Bowl, Stewards' Cup, Singapore Derby) $50,000 $150,000
Singapore Triple Crown Series (Raffles Cup, Queen Elizabeth II Cup, Dester Singapore Gold Cup) $50,000 $300,000

Training Fees

A Singapore-based trainer would charge a monthly basic training fee per horse. There will be an additional charge for veterinary fees, farrier fees and other incidentals which the trainer may feel are necessary. All these charges are billed at cost.
Please contact the trainer of your choice for details of monthly training fees.

Revised REWARD Incentive Scheme

The Singapore Turf Club (the “Club”) will be revising the REWARD Incentive Scheme and these changes will take effect from 1 April 2023.

Through the REWARD Incentive Scheme, the Club provides a performance-based incentive to the owner, trainer and syce of a Singapore-based horse based on the results of a horse in a race. The Club provides the incentive in the form of a "credit rebate" in the amount charged by the Club to trainers

Under the revised REWARD Incentive Scheme, the “credit rebate” amount provided to the Owner will be set-off against the Trainer’s monthly bill issued by the Club to the Trainer. Trainers will work with Owners to ensure that the rebate is passed on to the Owner in the Trainer’s monthly bill to the Owner. This scheme is to help lower the cost of maintaining horses in Singapore.

The qualifying criteria for horses under the REWARD incentive scheme is as follows:

Qualifying Criteria Credit Rebate
Reward Incentive (Owner) 2nd to 8th Placing $800
Reward Incentive (Trainer) 2nd to 8th Placing $250
Reward Incentive (Syce) 2nd to 8th Placing $50


With effect from 1 August 2023, the Singapore Turf Club will revise its REWARD Incentive Scheme as follows:

Qualifying Criteria Credit Rebate
Reward Incentive (Owner) 2nd to 10th Placing $800
Reward Incentive (Trainer) 2nd to 10th Placing $500
Reward Incentive (Syce) 2nd to 10th Placing $100