Types of Tracks

Tracks at the racecourse are used for racing and training purposes.

Turf Track


Kranji is turfed with Zoysia japonica var El-Toro, a grass patented by the University of California and is reinforced with netlon mesh elements. Extensive tests and trials have shown that Zoysia japonica var El-Toro gives an excellent cushion and is ideal for galloping.

Track 1 Course Width (metres) Length of Course (metres)
Turf Track (Course A) 31m 1800m (Short Course)

2000m (Long Course)

Turf Track (Course B) 27m
Turf Track (Course C) 23m
Turf Track (Course D) 19m
Turf Track (Course E) 17m


Surveys from other racecourses using Polytrack show that the surface will reduce injuries to horses especially catastrophic injuries. However, the surface will not eliminate injuries.

Track 2-7 Course Width (metres) Length of Course (metres)
Track No 2 (Polytrack) 25 1500
Track No 3 (Sand track) 20 1300
Track No 4 (Polytrack) 10 1000
Track No 5 (Sand track) 8 500
Track No 6 (Polytrack) 6 1600
Track No 7 (Uphill, Polytrack) 11 1000
Horse Trail 9 890